Origin Story

cropped-she-can-do-it5.jpg                       ‘She Can Do It’ Wonder Woman Art by Ant Lucia

Hello, and welcome to Comic City Sirens!

For those who noticed this blog has a title that is eerily similar to a specific series of comics released by DC Comics© (please don’t sue), good eye! For those who most likely stumbled here courtesy of curiosity, you probably just thought this was a really cool and catchy title.

And you’re right.

I have been a fan of comics and the culture surrounding them ever since I started watching Batman: The Animated Series. Very quickly, from cartoons to comics, I became immersed in the world that is the comic book industry. Newbury Comics is a place where I can spend all of my time and money, one of which I have too much of and the other not nearly enough.

As a woman, I’m proud to say that women have begun to make a dent in an industry that, for a long, long time, was male dominated. As a woman, I’m sad to say that there is still a serious lack of solid, diverse, representation of women in comics. So while fictional and real women alike are kicking their daily dose of ass, there’s still a strange “Holy hot bitches, Batman!” vibe comic books still proudly show.

Women who are openly fans of comics or the comic book culture are harassed, ridiculed for various reasons, and most often that not will be reduced to whether they’re “hot geek girls” or not. And yes, women have begun to make a dent in the comic book industry, but if anything, we’re a quiet storm rising.

I hope to use this blog to focus on reviewing comics, upcoming and already published, as well as analyzing female characters, the tropes we constantly see, the physical issues with their designs, and how they are written over all. Hopefully, I will be able to interview a few women who work in the industry, both for big companies and independent ones as well. I’ll be exploring other forms of comic book media, such as films, games, shows, etc.

Comic books are undeniably the driving force behind current pop culture – I mean, we’re living in a comic book renaissance right now – but just because an industry is massively successful, doesn’t mean it doesn’t suffer from shortcomings.

I hope to see many Wonder Women, and even Supermen, looking at all of this with me.


3 thoughts on “Origin Story

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  1. This is amazing!!! You should totally touch on the big and small screen adaptions of comic book women in the media today. Like the new vs old Elektra and shiz. I can’t wait to read your posts!!!


  2. It’s awesome that you’re blogging about something that you’ve surrounded yourself with for most of your life. I look forward to reading your blogs because I’ve stopped reading comics since I’ve gone to college. I think that your blog has the potential to be really great!


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