Why I DON’T Believe Suicide Squad Should Have Won An Academy Award



First off, I want to say congratulations to Giorgio Gregorini, Alessandro Bertolazzi and Christopher Allen Nelson for their Academy Award in best hair and makeup, for their work on Suicide Squad! I know, the title is probably making you scratch your head at this, dear reader, but they deserve congratulations nonetheless.

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This was clearly the most fitting GIF to use.

Now before I get into the actual bulk of this post, there is something I want to make adamantly clear. No, I am not just “hating on DC Comics” as so many “fans” have accused critics/nay-sayers of when it comes to recent DC films. I am a HUGE fan of DC Comics, and I fell in love with DC long before I fell in love with Marvel. However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to enjoy or agree with everything they do. If critics say a movie is flawed, it’s because it is flawed, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to enjoy the product regardless.

I say all this because I know a lot of people are going to get mad when I say I found Suicide Squad to be a heaping pile of burning garbage. I found it unfortunate that a talented cast was given such bull to work with. The writing was hastily done,the editing was atrocious, the story was painfully cliche (Seriously ,enough with the beams of light exploding into the sky, why does every movie have that now?), and as much as I was hoping for a colorful, villain-filled romp, I found myself oozing disappointment during my watch. I felt a lot of the problems traced back to marketing, to the over-hyped advertising and the blatant Hot Topic pandering. It’s not wrong for a studio to aim towards a specific demographic, but there was already a decent sized fan base for Suicide Squad, especially after DC released the animated film Assault on Arkham.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.17.17 AM.png

Assault on Arkham was everything Suicide Squad should have been, with a few exceptions of course, considering one is animation and the other live action, so changes would have to be made. But that’s a whole different post.

So why do I believe Suicide Squad shouldn’t have won? I believe this solely because the physical characteristics of Suicide Squad don’t come nearly as close to the artistry of Star Trek Beyond. And NO, I’m not saying the winners of the Academy Award aren’t talented, because they are!

Image result for killer croc gif

The work they did on Killer Croc was fantastic, it was practical, physical makeup effects that truly did pay off. He looks amazing. But the rest of the cast, for the most part, is just….meh. They’re okay. It’s talented makeup, no doubt about that, but…ugh, okay, let me just show you what I mean,

Suicide Squad’s character lineup was interesting to look at, and the designs were eye-catching, even if I don’t believe all of them were for the best. (Leto’s Joker is, to me, the trashiest, cringiest version I have ever seen in my life). However, take a look at these three characters from Star Trek, and really look at the beauty of these practical special effects.

Image result for star trek beyond makeup

(Photo: Vanity Fair)

I mean, come on, seriously, look at this!

Image result for star trek beyond makeup

(Photo: Digital Trends)

Joel Harlow and his team are so, so, SO talented, and the work they put into the characterization of this film is stunning. These are the kind of makeup effects that I consider works of art, its unreal how fantastic these all came out.

And then here’s who won.

Image result for suicide squad

As colorful and unique the design choices were for Suicide Squad, the only characters who’s makeup effects I found the most interesting and honestly fantastic was Croc, who isn’t really in most of the main advertisements and posters. Maybe if Harley had been given an insane-looking cowl that had to be hand-crafted, or the Joker (God, he’s supposed to dress up like a fucking classic noir gangster with an in-your-face technicolor scheme, not a pimp) had been given those bizarre elongated features he has in the comics via prosthetics, then maybe I would agree. With mainly human characters, there are limits to your makeup, and as well done as Suicide Squad’s makeup is, in terms of bruising, cutting, and all around character looks, I still believe Harlow should have won, based on pure artistry alone. There was a lot more work that went into creating those characters, because there were a lot more prosthetics and makeup to be used.

Of course, I’m not the Academy, and I don’t make these decisions, and those who won, won! And they deserve it! Maybe I don’t agree with it, but in the end, that doesn’t matter. Everyone has opinions, and not everyone is going to agree, but I can still appreciate the work that went in to Suicide Squad, and the fact that they won. So once again I say, congratulations!

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      1. I’ll let her know, though my words probably won’t do much to console her. Do you ever share any work from the Comic City Sirens on any of film sites out of curiosity? I’m actually a community manager here at moviepilot.com and if you’re interested in cross-posting, I think our fans would really enjoy tour articles as well!

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      2. I would be honored to cross-post with your website! I am definitely going to be focusing on a lot of films on here too; as much as I love comics, I’m a HUGE movie junkie, so I still want to talk about film on here as well!


      3. Well it sounds like we’ll get along pretty well then :). Anytime you want to get started, send me an email and I’ll give you all the info you need to get setup and get your work shared on MP.

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  1. I loved how your use of gifs and photos throughout your post. It was a well balanced post with both good and bad critiques. I also loved how you showed what you liked and didn’t like about their costumes.


  2. I do agree that Suicide Squad shouldn’t have won in comparison to Star Trek because of their major differences in design but it’s still great that you did honor those that won nonetheless.


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