My Favorite Femme Fatales

Post Written by Contributor Dondre from From The Comic Strip And Beyond

There are dozens, and I do mean dozens, of women in comic books. That might seems like an obvious statement (which it is), but I for one greatly appreciate women in comics. Specifically those in Marvel and DC Comics, because at the moment I am trash for super heroes. I usually find myself giving more information and not really giving my hard opinion on things that I truly like.

Well, that stops today.

I am going to give you my favorite comic book woman. This will be in no particular order (mostly because as I am writing this I’m still not sure who they are). And also I won’t know how many of them there will be so strap in because this  may be a long post.

1.Harley Quinn

Image result for harley quinn classic

Starting out, I’m just going to state the obvious: Harley Quinn.

That’s right I said it; Harleen Quinzel.

I’m sure I sound like every other so called “comic book fan boy” right now. Well in part you’re right. However, there is more to my fascination with Harley Quinn (besides the fact that she’s pretty).


First of all, compared with other characters in the DC comics, mainly those who interact with Harley on a regular basis, the Clown Queen herself has not been around all that long. In fact, she didn’t appear in the comics originally. She was supposed to be a one off character in the Batman Animated series, acting as just a female henchman for the Joker. Of course, fans fell in love with wacky attitude and the rest was history.

One of the reasons why I love the character is that she fits so well into the comic lore, that anyone who doesn’t know the history (or doesn’t do research) wouldn’t know that. Another reason I like Harley is because she has evolved. She was just supposed to be the girlfriend to the Joker, a crazy follower that would do what he said. But, in more recent years she has branched out from just being a part of the Joker. Despite the crazy stunts she pulls, she proves to be a thoughtful person.

2. Raven

Image result for raven comics

My second favorite female comic book character might possibly be Raven.

There are a couple of reasons. The biggest reason would be the the old Teen Titans show. It was one the best shows growing up, and even today I can watch it and still enjoy it to the fullest. Also, Raven’s complex emotions, coupled with her dark origin makes her an interesting character.

The fact that she is a half demon and daughter to inter-dimensional demon Trigon always brings up one question; will she always be able to fight him off, fight the darkness that is inside her and do good?

It’s also worth mentioning that out of all of the powers that exists, I’ve always been partial to magic. Plus, teen super heroes have always had a special place in my heart.

3. Barbara Gordon

Image result for batgirl

Alright, this post is starting to get long (not to mention it’s getting harder for me to think of who else I like). So this will be the last character.

I am really fond of Barbra Gordon, also know as Batgirl. First off, I have respect for all the super heroes that don’t have powers and still do what they can. This includes the entire Bat-Family. However, Barbra goes beyond that.

There have been several times where she proves to be just as capable as Dick Grayson, the original Robin, who is now Nightwing. Her father, Jim Gordon, is the commissioner, and she’s an incredible detective herself. But, she’s more than that, so much more.

After the events of the Killing Joke, which is one of the most amazing comics made (and if you haven’t read it you should), the Joker, in an attempt to prove to Batman that anyone is a bad day away from becoming what he is, shoots Barbra through her stomach, into her spine. He paralyzes her. This, all in the attempt to break Commissioner Gordon, a pillar of justice.

Barbra cannot go on being Bat Girl.

Most heroes would just end it there, however, she becomes stronger. She becomes the Oracle. The eye in the sky and voice in your ear for all superheroes. She truly embodies what it means to be a hero. No matter what limitations befall you. It’s something to admire.

That’s the list folks. I realize they all were from DC. Weird, but I still love Marvel, I promise. If you want tell what your favorite female heroes or villains are in the comments, let me know!


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