Goodbye (For Now)

I think it's pretty obvious (by now) that I don't post all that often. I've said it before and I'll say it again, life happens people! But to be brutally honest, I think I am going to be taking a break from Comic City Sirens. Okay, okay, I don't actually feel that way about this... Continue Reading →


A Good Thing + A Good Thing

I think many people would agree with me that 2016 was a year that, quite frankly, should NOT be placed in the history books so we don't have to go through the effort of trying to remove it later on when we further realize what a PIECE OF GARBAGE that year was. BUT HEY, it's... Continue Reading →

Who’s Right When They Write?

Being someone who is so fascinated with pop culture and the goings-on surrounding it, there's a question hat's been linger in my head for quite some time. When reading or watching something, and I find myself intrigued by the way a character is written (be it good or bad), I wonder who the writer is.... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Femme Fatales

Post Written by Contributor Dondre from From The Comic Strip And Beyond There are dozens, and I do mean dozens, of women in comic books. That might seems like an obvious statement (which it is), but I for one greatly appreciate women in comics. Specifically those in Marvel and DC Comics, because at the moment... Continue Reading →

Where Are We? ( As Of Now)

A lot of times when I discuss something that people might describe as "overtly and annoyingly feminist", it's because people have a skewed perception of what feminism is. Like every group, there's a bad apple in each who are going to make a bad name/stereotype for others. But putting that aside, many people wonder what... Continue Reading →

Why Representation In Media Matters

I know, I haven't posted regularly lately. One, sometimes life literally restrains you with a physical virus, and two, I am not perfect people!!! Also something really good is about to happen to Comic City Sirens and I've been focusing on that for the past few days. Onto the real content. When I was a... Continue Reading →

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